Saturday, May 12, 2012

Palm Reading - Bridget Giles (ed.)

A clear introduction to the ancient art of palmistry.
Find out how hand shapes, fingers and thumbs, fleshy pads and hand-lines can all be read to discover more about yourself.
Photographs and colour drawings show clearly how to read all the different elements.
This is the most comprehensive yet easy to understand books on palmistry I've encountered in a very long time. Most books assume too much prior knowledge, have too many or too few pictures, or are just plain unexciting.

But this book, this book was perfect! It starts off with a very brief background then walks you through, line by line, mount by mount, describing everything in just enough detail to give you a base idea of what your future holds without getting you completely lost.

This little book was so well written it had me reading my palm and my friend's as we took the train home (to the amusement of the elderly couple across from us). It was such fun and really gives a good feel for the intricacies of palmistry, while making it simple enough that even I can do it.

This book is pocket-sized so no matter where you are you can be learning how to give a proper reading.

Whether you take it seriously or not, it is a fascinating book that consumes hours of your time without you even realising it. I would recommend this book to anyone looking to delve into their future, or examine their past. It is pocket-sized perfection.

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