Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Girl Who Married An Eagle - Tamar Myers

When Julia Elaine Newton, a young, pretty Ohio girl, volunteered to go on a mission to the Belgian Congo, she knew it was going to be a huge change. But she never expected to wind up teaching at an all-girls boarding school primarily populated by runaway child brides!

Much to her chagrin, Early Dusk was born beautiful. If only she'd been ugly, Big Chief Eagle would not have noticed her. Escaping an arranged marriage, the scrappy eight-year-old girl finds her way to Julia Newton and the school. But this time her jilted husband will not be denied.

It's up to Julia and Early Dusk to try to save the school as Congolese Independence looms and Big Chief Eagle embarks on his revenge. With the help of Cripple and her husband, and even Amanda Brown, these plucky women must learn to save themselves.
Such a lovely story.

I love the diversity and depth of the characters. Julia's frustrations and Buakane's confusion in their first days at the school are captured perfectly. And who couldn't love a child like Clementine!

The Girl Who Married An Eagle captivated me from the very beginning. But it was over far too fast. Just as things were getting going, poof it was all over. I wish the story had continued longer instead of jumping ahead so suddenly.

I fully recommend this book to those looking for a quick read that will thrust you into the heart of Africa with characters you will never forget.

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